Lost Pet Information

When a lost dog or cat arrives at BARC, we complete the following steps to ensure pets are reunited with owners as often as possible. These steps are part of the Victorian Government legislation including the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (The Act) and the conditions under which we operate.

  • When a dog or cat arrives at BARC, it is first scanned for a microchip and checked for Council registration.
  • If a microchip is present and the animal has council registration, BARC will contact the registered owner. If the animal has a microchip but is not registered, BARC will contact the person listed on the microchip details to determine if they still own the animal.
  • If there is no microchip present, or the details on the microchip no longer current, the animal will be held at BARC for 8 days as per The Act. During this time, the animal's information will be displayed on our website under 'lost' pets. We encourage anyone who has lost a pet to regularly check the animals displayed on this page.
  • If an animal's owner comes forward within the 8 day period, they are required to pay a release fee (see 'reclaim fees' on our FAQ page) and vaccination fees if applicable. The Act states that dogs and cats must be registered with council prior to being released from BARC.
  • Please note that proof of ownership, such as vet bills or a receipt of purchase, will be required. Animals are not able to be released from BARC without proof of ownership.
  • Any dog or cat that is impounded and not claimed within the 8 day period becomes the property of the City of Greater Bendigo and may be put up for adoption in accordance with The Act. · All animals kept at BARC are housed in accordance with the Code or Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds.


The best thing pet owners can do is to become a responsible pet owner by registering their pet with Council and ensuring their pet is microchipped and the contact details are correct.

BARC is able to provide you guidance and assistance with completing this process, including scanning your pet for you to determine if they have a microchip, and what the number is.


There are several microchip registries in Australia, to see which microchip company your pet is listed with so that you can check your details, please visit PetSafe.com for more information on registering your pet with the City of Greater Bendigo, please click here.

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For more information on registering your pet with the City of Greater Bendigo, please click here.