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In order to be deemed suitable for our rehoming program all animals must meet minimal behaviour and medical criteria before rehomed. Our team members will need to spend some time with you asking questions about our pet so we can best determine any rehoming options. Should for some reason your pet not pass these assessments then BARC may seek alternative options with regards to rehoming through other welfare organisations. If your pet is deemed not suitable for rehoming, euthanasia may be considered.

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Your answers will help us to get to know the animal and give us important background information to allow us to place the animal in a new home that is most suited to their individual needs.

If your animal has current Council registration surrendering your pet to us is free of charge. Should your animal not be registered with Council, a payment to contribute to the cost of managing your pet may be requested but it not compulsory.

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Medical Information

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Medical issues

Behavioral Information

How would you describe their behaviour in general?
How do they respond to other dogs?
How do they respond to other cats?
How do they respond to other animals?
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Select what type of animal environment you think would be suitable?
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By surrendering your pet to us you are agreeing to transfer ownership of your pet to BARC, and your pet will be managed in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act (1994).

Surrendering on behalf of someone

If you are surrendering the pet on behalf of someone else, please also download and complete the Surrender Consent form.

Surrender Consent form

To surrender your pet you'll need an appointment with BARC

Information message

Please contact us on (03) 5441 2209 or [email protected]

Information message

BARC will contact you on the information provided to discuss within 2-5 business days. If the matter is urgent please call BARC on (03) 5441 2209 or the City of Greater Bendigo on 1300 002 642
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