Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption fees

The adoption fee helps the Bendigo Animal Relief Centre to cover a small part of the cost to make sure each animal is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, health and behaviour checked to ensure it's ready to start a new and happy life.

Senior Dog (7 years +) $100
Dog (6 months - 7 years) $380
Pup (up to 6months) $420
Senior Cats (7 years +) $50
Adult Cat (6 months - 7 years) $120
Kittens (up to 6 months) $170
Microchipping fees

The fees for having your pet microchipped are listed below.

Impound Animal $40
Private Animal $40
Reclaim fees

The fees for reclaiming your pet are listed below. Depending on the length of stay, pets may also incur an additional $50 vaccination fee

1st day $30
Days 2-4 $100
Days 5-8 $150
1st day $20
Days 2-4 $80
Days 5-8 $120
Surrendering your pet

We understand that sometimes situations occur or life circumstances change and you may find you can no longer take care of your pet. BARC is able to accept surrenders from residents of the City of Greater Bendigo. At times we may be able to accept surrendered animals from other municipalities. BARC also offers an “at home quarantine period” which can reduce the length of stay at BARC for your surrendered pet, assisting them to find a new home quicker.

Please call to book a time to meet with one of our staff if surrendering your pet, so that we can gather as much information as possible to help place them into a new home.

City of Greater Bendigo (Optional payment to assist with operational costs) $40
Other Municipalities (Required payment) $70
City of Greater Bendigo (Optional payment to assist with operational costs) $20
Other Municipalities (Required payment) $50
Pet Exchange Register

From 1 July 2019, everyone who advertises a puppy, kitten, dog or cat for sale or give away in Victoria will need a source number from the Pet Exchange Register.

The BARC Pet Exchange Register source number is BR101544

Discounted Cat Desexing

Cats should be desexed from 2-3 months of age as they can become pregnant from just 4 months of age. Desexing also reduces unwanted behaviours in cats such as excessive vocalisation, fighting, wandering, and spraying urine to mark their territory. BARC has several options avaiable to assist residence of Bendigo who may be eligible for discount cat desexing. Spaces are limited and we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible to see if you qualify. There are currently 2 discounted cat desexing programs available.

Bendigo Community Cat Progam
If you would like to take ownership of a community cat, or have recently aquired a cat, you may be able to have them desexed through the Bendigo Community Cat Program. This program offers desexing, vaccination, microchipping, flea and worm treatment, as well as council pet registraion from $20. Cats going through the progam may be required to spend a short period of time (up to 8 days) housed at BARC while we arrange the required treatment. To see if you are eligible for the discount, please contact BARC.

National Desexing Network
BARC and the City of Greater Bendigo are working with the National Desexing Network to provide discount cat desexing at several vet clinics around Bendigo, these surgeries are not provided by BARC and the bookings are made direct with the clinic. To see if you are eligible for the discount, please contact the National Desexing Network on 1300 368 992. Prices range from $50 to $65.

We currently do not have programs available to provide discount dog desexing.


The Bendigo Animal Relief Centre is always on the lookout for caring and loving people to be a part of our family through volunteering or practical student placement. Learn more.

Foster Carer

BARC is currently seeking applications from homes who are willing to foster animals. Fostering involves taking an animal into your home and caring for it just as you would your own, while they undergo required health or behavioural care to prepare them for adoption. You can download the Foster Carer Application form here. If successful, you will be required to sign the Foster Care Agreement which details the conditions of Foster Care. You can read the Foster Care Agreement here.